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Episode 67: Cosmic Coincidence

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We’ve heard many stories of “cursed lands''. Usually it’s surrounding a colonizer building on indeginious american land who is then dealt a nasty curse, think Poltergeist. Cursed land stories only continue the misconceptions surrounding what are perceived as “mysterious” cultures like indeginious americans or gypsies. If a piece of land isn’t cursed, can it still harbor evil? Can a location continually be a draw for those that wish others harm? Today, we discuss the cases of Barbara Tucker, Jennifer Tchier, Mindi Thomas, Lila Moler, Stephanie Russell and Alexandria Ison; connecting a serial killer to bodies that have been found on or around a community college in Gresham, Oregon.

Barbara Mae Tucker, photo from KOIN6

Robert Plympton, photo from KGW

Jennifer Lynn Tchir, photo from Findagrave

Lilla Faye Moler, photo from Findagrave

Alexandria "Alex" Nicole Ison, photos from Findagrave

Todd Alan Reed,

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