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Episode 95: Maintain Dignity

So often in true crime, we hear about the Bogeyman; the Westley Allan Dodds, or Gary Ridgways. An animalistic creature that stalks a person like prey with no rhyme or reason. But too often, the perpetrator of violence is someone within the home; a family member who takes domestic violence too far and ends up killing their family. These horrendous acts leave people wondering how well they know those they share a home, and sometimes, a bed with. Today, I’ll be exploring three cases of full or partial family annihilations and speaking with Dr. Stephanie Leite, a clinical and forensic psychologist to discuss the signs of someone who may go over the edge and what you can do if you think you’re seeing them.

Shana Decree, 47 (left) and her daughter Dominique Decree, 21 (right), Buck County Police

Victims, Photo from 6ABC

Shaina Sweitzer, Mark Gago, Daughter Olivia, the house, The Daily Mail

Raechyl Blackshear (left) and Jayla Blackshear (right), photo from Gofundme

To help with Raechyl and Jaylay Blackshear’s funeral expenses, Please visit their family’s Go Fund Me page.

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