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Episode 34: Five Decades of Secrets

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Ten year old Lindsey Baum disappeared on a summer evening while walking home from her friend’s house in 2009. For nearly a decade her family and law enforcement searched for answers, chased every lead, and dissected the whereabouts of forty different suspects. In 2017 a horrific discovery inside the dilapidated home of three Seattle brothers would offer another lead in the search for what happened to Lindsey. Join us today while Emily tells Alisha about shocking secrets, a continued mystery, and why you can’t always trust your neighbor.

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Age progression, photo courtesy of The Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Gas Station Surveillance Video, photo courtesy of Crime Watch video

Person of Interest - Tim Hartman

photo courtesy of Crime Watch video
photo courtesy of Crime Watch video
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Edwin Emery, photo courtesy of
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News Week - Brothers Sexual Abuse Arrest | Komo News - Mulitple Sex Abuse Victims Accuse Elderly N. Seattle Brothers | Komo News - 3 N. Seattle brothers in 70s and 80s Arrest in Child-porn investigation | 3 Aged Brothers Had Child Porn, Rap and Homicide Manifestos | Washington Post - Digusting trove found in home of three elderly brothers | Olympian - could Brothers in Life-Long Sex Abuse Investigation be Ted to Linsey Baum | KXRO - Search At Home of 3 Elderly Brothers Look for Lindsey Baum Link | KEPR - Sheriff to Unveil Major Development | Reddit - Unresolved Mystery The disappearance of Lindsey Baum | Komo News - 10 Years Later Detectives Still Search | The Olympian - After Four Months |The Daily Chronicle - 10 years Later, Still No Arrest | The Daily World - After a Decade, knowing didn’t bring relief | Crime Watch Daily - Washington’s Lindsey Baum | Fox News - Investigators Search for Bodies at Home | ABC News - Cops Search in Lindsey Baum Case Comes Up Empty | KOMO News - Person of Interest Identified |

Thanks to

Longview Daily News - Intensive Search for 10 year old 07.01.09 |  Longview Daily - Unlikely Girl Ran Away 07.02.09 | Spokesman Journal - Remains of Girl Missing Since 2009 Identified 05.11.2018 |

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