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Ep. 106 The Night Shift

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In the early 1980’s medical personnel at Bexar County Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, noticed that patients in the pediatric intensive care unit were dying at an accelerated rate. They suffered seizures, ceased breathing, some had their hearts completely shut down, and others would bleed uncontrollably after being given a shot or IV. After one nurse looked into the issue, she found that most of these deaths occurred during a single shift, the night shift, when one particular nurse was working. This is the story of Genene Jones, a nurse who was known as the Angel of Death.

Genene Jones, images from Texas Monthly, Wikipedia, CBS News, and TPR.

A few of the known babies that were murdered by Genene Jones, photo from KSAT

Upper Left: Rosemary Vega

Upper Right: Chelsea McClellan

Lower left: Joshua Sawyer

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