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Ep. 113 & 114 Black Friday

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

When Mandy Stavik went missing while jogging during the Thanksgiving holiday, her family was terrified they were going to live through the loss of yet another child, after her brother Brent had been tragically murdered years prior. Soon, those fears were realized when Mandy’s body was discovered in a river. Desperate to solve her case, detectives followed the trailblazing steps of British detectives who used a “DNA sweep” to catch a killer of their own. But even if a DNA match was found, would Mandy’s killer be brought to justice? This is part one of Black Friday.

Episode host: Alisha Holland

Last week we told the story of Mandy Stavik who was kidnapped and murdered while on a jog in her hometown. Years went on and her case went cold. Then detectives, inspired by a case in England, decided they would do a DNA sweep of the area. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about the lengths detectives and even a good samaritan went to in an effort to put a killer behind bars. Armed with a DNA match, the prosecution seemed poised for an open and shut case, but when the defense went after Mandy, her family and friends started to worry her killer could walk free. Would her murderer ever face consequences for his actions?

Episode host: Alisha Holland

First and second row: Mandy Stavik

Third row: Mandy Stavik and boyfriend Rick Zender

Photos from ABC

Mandy's brother Brent Stavik, photos from

Eye witness composite sketch, photo from ABC

First row: Lynda Mann, Dawn Ashworth, Brent Pitchfork, photos from Daily News and Wikipedia

Second row: Brent Pitchfork, photos from Twitter

Tim Bass, photos from Chilling Crime

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