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Ep. 116 & 117 Terribly Strong

Updated: Apr 24

Part 1: "Nickel-Sized Holes"

In 1972, Laura Brock, a college student in Washington, went missing while hitchhiking; her body was found hours later. She had been beaten, raped, and murdered. Eight months later, 15-year-old Kathy Miller got into a stranger's car and vanished. When her plastic-wrapped body was discovered, the beating death she suffered and the circumstances surrounding the murders pointed to a man with the strength of ten and a chilling criminal record. A man named Harvey Carignan.

Part 2: "Red Circles"

Last week I told you the story of Harvey Carignan- a man who took to using a want ad to lure young women into his grasp. Today, I'll be telling you about his continued violence after a move to Minnesota, a series of unsolved murders he was suspected of committing in California, his many trials for his endless crimes and how Harvey, responsible for attacking, raping and killing as many 180 girls and women, was brought down by a traffic stop.

Harvey Carignan Mug Shots

Photos courtesy of Murderpedia, Wikipedia, and Radford University, Serial Killer Calendar

Left: Carignan at the gas station

Right: An example of the 1966 maroon Toronado Oldsmobile Carignan drove

Photos courtesy of: Facebook and Car & Driver

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