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Ep. 118/119/120 Street Kids Parts, 1-3

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Part 1: “Rambo Games”

Homeless rates have skyrocketed across the country over the last few years. But it isn’t anything new. But back in the 1980s there was a new scene brewing in the houseless community- street kids. While many of the street kids of Portland were simply looking for a new home, a new sense of community where they could feel safe away from abusive homes, others were finding opportunities to take leadership positions that would allow them to take control over the kids. Creating “Families'' which differed little from the Manson Family. Today I’ll be telling the first part of three surrounding Grant Charboneau, Greg Wilson, James Nelson and how their rule left Jessica Williams, Michelle Largo and Leon Stanton Dead.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Part 2: “Fantastic Army of the Night”

Last week I introduced you to Grant Charboneau, Greg Wilson and the Family of street kids they ruled over. They had their own rules and if they were broken, there would be ramifications. Which was what happened to Misty Largo; a teenage girl who was murdered after a brutal 36 hours of torture, brought on after the family decided she was not abiding. Grant, as XO or the leader of the family, was starting to feel paranoid that his henchman, or hench-boy, 15-year-old Leon might spill about not only Misty, but the violent murder of Hal; Grant’s father. So, what would become of Leon? Today, I’ll be telling you about the death order put out on Leon and what Grant and Greg faced when the police came knocking.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Part 3: “Multnomah County Manson”

For the past two weeks, I’ve told you the stories of the Street Kids of Portland that fell prey to the power of The Family- Led by Grant Charboneau and Greg Wilson. They had a hand in the killings of Hal Charbanou, Misty Largo, and Leon Stanton. One of their murderous helpers was James Nelson. While Grant and Greg spent their time behind bars, James finished his, was released, and soon found himself on the streets yet again. Finally, he could fulfill his desire to be the leader of a group of kids. But he would rule with a literal iron fist. When a young girl with disabilities enters the scene, she struggles to follow the rules and soon meets consequences she never imagined and certainly didn’t deserve. This is the conclusion of Street Kids- and the Multnomah County Manson family.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Top: Grant "XO"Steven Charboneau (,

Bottom: Gregory "CO" Paul Wilson (,

photos from

Carl "Wreath" Alsup

Danielle "Shadowcat" Cox

Jessica Kate Williams, photos from CBS and Pamplin Media

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3 commentaires

Thank You as well for bringing this story to light, what happened in 92/93 was a tragedy, Michael Leon Stanton, was on of my best friends, we went to FVHS together, he was a damn good kid, involved in something over his head (as we’re all the kids), these pieces of shit took advantage of kids with problems, as Mike had. Anyways, I miss you Mike, and will never forget you….. Josh Couch

Murder in the Rain
Murder in the Rain
17 déc. 2023
En réponse à

I'm very sorry for your loss, Josh. That was a lovely message.


Thank you for telling this story, you did a great job. I spent my teen years homeless on the streets of Portland, 1997-2000 I am proud to have gotten off the streets and am now serving on a board of directors for a none for profit serving the houseless youth of Portland. I am a huge fan of your podcast.

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