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Ep. 124 Aron & Buzzo

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Today’s case was one that was requested. Unlike most that are sent to us, we received many requests for it to be covered, and for good reason. When Aron left his camping party to go on a solo hike, it was nothing out of the ordinary. His friends started to worry when he wasn’t back in time for dinner, something very out of the ordinary. Things only got worse from there when he and his puppy were found dead on a trail. Confessions have been made and stories told, yet no one has been arrested and no one knows why. This is the story of Aron Christenson and Buzz and how the Lewis County Sheriff's office has left his friends and family with more questions than answers.

To support the family and friends seeking Justice for Aron Christensen, please consider donating to their GoFundMe.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Aron Christensen and his puppy Buzzo, photo from Amber Wilkins

Flyers in support of Aron, photos from Amber Wilkins

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