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Ep. 138 The Bourbon and Ham Club

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

There have been many conversations of late discussing systemic issues in our world. While we've given many examples of current issues within the justice system, it is important to look back at the foundation of such a system to understand why it operates the way it does today.

For Portland, the corrupt history of the police bureau and local government is a story that isn't special to our city, though it does contain some uniquely Portland elements.

This is the story of Big Jim Elkins and how pinball machines, teamsters, gangsters, bootleggers, drug dealers, and gambling dens in every corner of the city helped form both its police and local government, one bribe at a time. You'll also learn about Portland's old-timey coven of corruption, The Bourbon and Ham Club.

For photos and sources for today’s episode, check out the Murder in the Rain Episode Blog.

Various 1950s pinball machines photos from Twitter, TopFoto, Offbeatoregon

"Big Jim" Elkins photos from Offbeatoregon, Oregon Historical Society

Photo from Offbeatoregon

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